Signs & Symptoms

Signs & Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer

Below, is a list of several of the signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer that my sister, Lizzy, experienced over a period of several years.  Before you review this list, please keep in mind that Lizzy’s symptoms came and went for years.  She was able to keep a lot of the issues under control by controlling her diet.  Because the pain was not continuous, she didn’t realize that she had an ongoing issue, let alone cancer.  What you need to know is this:  If the doctors had given her a CT Scan with Oral and IV Contrast in 2015 or even 2017, Lizzy may still be alive today.  Because she was basically ignored, the test was ordered far too late.  The cancer had already metastasized to her liver and she had blood clots in her stomach before they realized that her pain was real and ordered the proper test to check for cancer.  

Additionally, Lizzy was a very healthy eater.  When she wasn’t filming her SassEsnacks ASMR videos, Lizzy ate organic vegetables and stayed away from red meat and fatty or greasy foods as a general rule.  Although she had a sweet tooth, she didn’t eat a lot of sugar on a regular basis.  I say this to bring out the point that there is a stereotype (doctors will call it a list of common traits) about people with pancreatic cancer.  People, even doctors think that in order to be a candidate for pancreatic cancer, you have to have an unhealthy diet. Historically, most pancreatic cancer patients are men, many of African descent, who eat fatty foods, smoke and/drink alcohol, are in their 70s and often have a history of pancreatic cancer in their families.  In other words, if you are female, eat healthy, are young, and don’t drink or smoke, you are not a typical pancreatic cancer candidate and this is why the doctors won’t order the CT Scan with Oral and IV Contrast to check for cancer.  Lizzy met absolutely NONE  of the above typical pancreatic cancer “candidate” traits and was placed on the back burner.  She was told she was suffering from anxiety, IBS and several other issues until one day the pain became so bad that she texted me that she wanted to die.   

All of the doctors who looked at Lizzy in California saw a young, fit, healthy female with stomach problems.  They didn’t listen when she complained of the specific signs and symptoms below because she didn’t meet the criteria of a typical cancer patient.  Also, and this is important, Lizzy’s symptoms were not constant.  They appeared at different times, they went away, some came back, and some got worse.  She did not have constant pain until the last 8 months of her life and at that point, it was too late.

In this day and age, with all of our knowledge and technology, NO ONE should be explaining to me or anyone else that, “pancreatic cancer is deadly because it’s found in the late stages.”  What that translates to for me is, “the doctors didn’t listen and didn’t order the CT Scan with Oral and IV Contrast when they should have, and now your sister is going to die.”  Listen to what your body is telling you and tell your doctors that YOU are NOT going to be the next victim of their unwillingness to order a simple test. 

This website was built specifically for people like Lizzy; people who have been suffering or who have these symptoms and have been told that nothing is wrong, or that it’s anxiety, IBS, or some other issue when in actuality IT IS CANCER.  My hope is that ANYONE will be able to search the internet with their symptoms and that person will find this website.  If you have stumbled upon this website in this way, call your doctor IMMEDIATELY and DEMAND a CT Scan with ORAL AND I/V CONTRAST.  Currently, it is THE ONLY WAY TO FIND PANCREATIC CANCER.  

Pancreatic Cancer Early Warning Signs/Symptoms:

-Multiple bowel movements per day
-Green stools (from the bile)
-Stools that float (they used to sink, remember)?
-Oily stools (check the water before and after, you will see oil rings)
-Stomach cramps (from the tumor or from blood clots)
-Back pain (feels like nerve pain or someone squeezing the ribs very hard)
-Loss of sleep (due to pain)
-Nausea (for no apparent reason or due to pain)
-Loss of appetite (you can eat, but not as much as you used to)
-Weight loss that is not intentional (see the two previous symptoms)
-Inability to eat solid food (you have changed your diet to soft foods because that is all you can digest)
-Yellowing of eyes/skin (jaundice due to bile duct blockage)
-Acid reflux or silent reflux (if you are diagnosed with this, have the doctors look deeper, it’s a sign)
-Passing abnormal amounts of gas (your stomach has cancer and it’s pissed off, this gas will be BAD)
-Aversions or inability to eat foods you normally eat, such as those containing vinegar, spices, or pectin
-Lump or TUMOR in your stomach, will be just below the rib cage and you MAY FEEL IT MOVE

If you have had cancer or if pancreatic cancer that runs in your family, you are at greater risk.  If a near relative has or has died of pancreatic cancer, notify your doctor when you see her/him and tell them that you are extremely concerned that you may have it as well.

These are the signs and symptoms that my sister suffered from for years.  There may be more.  If you or someone you love has had pancreatic cancer and they had a different symptom, please, contact me at and let me know so that I can add it to the list.

Remember that you can be male or female, 20 or 70 years old, this or heavy, smoker or not, drink alcohol or not, and have pancreatic or another gastric cancer.  If you have had ANY of these symptoms, whether they came and went or whatever, CALL YOUR DOCTOR TODAY and set up an appointment.  If your doctor doesn’t order a CT Scan with Contrast, get a second opinion immediately.  Do not rest until you know if you have cancer.