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SassE pretending to be Claire from OUTLANDER, Clava Cairns, Inverness, Scotland, 2017.

SassEsnack ASMR on YouTube

You can also check out SassEkrafts ASMR and SissEsnacks ASMR, both on YouTube for your relaxation enjoyment.

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SassEsnacks on her adventure in Costa Rica.

SassE Art by Jane

I sell copies of Lizzy’s artwork (and mine as well) on RedBubble at my shop, SassE Art by Jane. I make a small amount from each sale. You get the product, we get the support.

Artwork painted by Lizzy on her YouTube channel.
Mr. Darcy (Lizzy’s dog).

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Welcome to SassEsnacks ASMR Merch Stop on, where you can purchase tons of MERCH supporting

This is our pancreatic cancer awareness outreach shop. By wearing or displaying our products, you help to bring awareness to pancreatic cancer.

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