Welcome to the new SassEsnacks.com, where you can learn about the early signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer.  Please visit the complete list of signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer on this website.  We are here to save lives.

My name is Jane and my sister Lizzy, AKA SassEsnacks, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer after struggling with a myriad of symptoms for many years. She experienced everything from floating, oily stools, to feeling a tumor move in her stomach.  After four years of struggling with eating and pain, we discovered that a simple CT Scan with oral and IV Contrast could have found the cancer sooner and possibly saved Lizzy’s life.

Why are we here?  My hope for this website is that it will be a resource for anyone searching for information on the symptoms they are be experiencing. Lizzy researched her symptoms regularly, and pancreatic cancer never came across in her searches. Also, she didn’t seem to be a typical victim of pancreatic cancer – she was young, healthy, ate well and didn’t have any family history of the disease. Her doctors treated her for anxiety, muscle pain and silent reflux.  Not one doctor thought of checking her for pancreatic cancer until it was too late.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms found here, contact your doctor immediately and insist on a CT scan with oral and IV contrast.

Please, share our link with anyone who is experiencing similar symptoms, and pay attention to your body. The best way to beat any kind of cancer is to get treatment as early as possible.

Thank you for visiting SassEsnacks.com #StopPancreaticCancer.

All the best,