Welcome to the new SassEsnacks.com, where you can learn all about the signs, symptoms and diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Lizzy, AKA SassEsnacks, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer after struggling with a myriad of symptoms for many years. What we later found out was a simple CT Scan with IV Contrast could have found the cancer sooner, and if so Lizzy might still be with us today.

We don’t want her loss to be in vain. We hope for this site to be a resource for people who are searching for information on their symptoms they might be experiencing. Lizzy Googled her symptoms regularly and pancreatic cancer never came across in her searches. She didn’t seem to be a typical victim of PC – she was young, healthy, ate well and didn’t have any family history of the disease. If you fall into those categories and are experiencing the symptoms found here, please contact your doctor and insist on a CT scan with IV contrast.

Please take a look around, share the link with anyone who is experiencing similar symptoms, and pay attention to your body. The best way to beat any kind of cancer is to get help at the first symptoms. If this saves just one life, it’ll be worth it.